Prohibited and extra cost items

Prohibited items

The Following Are Items That We Do Not Allow in Dumpsters

While we do allow painting materials and/or waste covered in dry paint, containers of wet paint are not permitted


Chemicals such as motor oil, antifreeze, industrial cleaning solutions etc. are not permitted in dumpsters

Toxic Waste

Any form of toxic waste is not permitted in dumpsters

Dirt and Rocks

Dirt, rocks, and other aggregate materials are not permitted in dumpsters loose or otherwise.


Additional to dirt, rocks and other landscaping materials, sod is not permitted to be disposed of in dumpsters.

Car Batteries

We will dispose of car batteries free of charge, but they will need to be placed outside of the dumpster and not within,

Extra cost items

We Will Accept the Following Items at an Additional Cost

Mattresses will be accepted for $15 each


Tires will be accepted for $10 each

Freon Filled Items

Anything with Freon (like old AC units or Fridges) will be accepted for $25 each


Electronics will be accepted for $10 each

Anything Over 2 Tons

Anything over 2 tons, we charge $70 per ton (up to 4 tons)

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